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Dr. Thomas A. Lang

Senior Associate

Tom is a highly regarded senior level regulatory affairs executive with over thirty-five years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry with a Bachelor of Science Degrees in Chemistry and Pharmacy, MBA, and Ph.D.  Tom is also a registered pharmacist in the State of New Jersey.

Prior to becoming President of Stallergenes, Inc. and Senior Vice President of Stallergenes Greer, Tom provided extensive senior level experience in the overall product development and commercialization of many “first in class” traditional and advanced biopharmaceutical products with such companies as Ciba-Geigy, Janssen, Warner-Lambert, Organon, and Serono.  This experience led to the successful commercialization of 12 products in the areas of HIV/AIDS, Infertility and Reproductive Health, Growth, Metabolism and Endocrinology, CNS, Surgical Muscle Relaxants, Allergy Immunotherapy, and Multiple Sclerosis.

Of particular note are the following products:

  • Zemuron® was the first short-acting muscle relaxant to be approved in more than 30 years for use in short surgeries and out-patient procedures.

  • Serostim® was the first non-ARV product to receive Accelerated Approval for an AIDS related indication.

  • Gonal-F® was the first recombinant product approved for infertility treatment.

  • Rebif® was the first product to overcome orphan exclusivity by showing superior clinical efficacy to Avonex®, the Multiple Sclerosis market leader.  

  • Oralair® is the first FDA approved allergy immunotherapy tablet


As President and Vice Chairman of Serono, Inc., Tom’s responsibilities included the oversight of the North American company operations for the therapeutic areas of Infertility and Reproductive Health, Growth, Metabolism & Immunology, and Multiple Sclerosis.  Tom’s responsibilities also included high-level strategic interactions with senior level FDA, State and Government officials, critical relationships with advocacy support groups and pharmaceutical affiliations, and potential partnering opportunities.

As President of Stallergenes, Inc. and Senior Vice President of Stallergenes Greer Tom provided senior leadership experience through the development and implementation of strategic development plans to successfully navigate the very challenging FDA regulatory environment leading to commercialization of a novel allergen-based product.

In summary, Tom is a seasoned well-regarded senior level executive with over thirty-five years of pharmaceutical industry experience and a long record of proven successes in the commercialization of products in the challenging and complex FDA environment of the biopharmaceutical industry.

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